Covid-19: frequently asked questions and our answers

Covid-19: frequently asked questions and our answers

Dear friends, guests and followers,
your closeness and your affection are important to us at this time ❤

Fortunately our territory, and in particular the Municipality of Comacchio and the province of Ferrara, recorded a low incidence of COVID-19, with a negligible number of infections compared to other areas of the region.
This gave us the opportunity to be operational again: we are working on a daily basis and preparing appropriate procedures to guarantee the health and safety of our guests during their stay.
The national provisions for the prevention and contrast of COVID-19 forced us to stop for over a month, with consequent delay on all the work, to conclude which it was necessary to move our opening date according to government indications .
The new opening date is currently set for May 14, 2021
We are optimistic! Our country is making great efforts to stop the spread of the infection: we are sure that we will soon find ourselves here, under our beloved sun☀, to share the best moments of your holiday🤩
The trust you have given us drives us to do our best every day: we want to support you, answer all your questions about the next holidays and, of course, continue to reassure you.
We kindly ask you to direct all your requests for information, quotes, reservations, to the email address Given the emergency, perhaps we will take a few more moments, but we will be happy to hear from you and to answer everyone .... in the meantime, we have prepared below a complete list of all the useful information at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
Can I book my next vacation?
Of course, we are always available: by phone 0039-0533 379500 or by email You can book easily, in case of need at a later time you can still decide to change the dates of the booking.
How much is the deposit required to confirm the booking?
The amount requested as a deposit is 30% of the total amount of your holiday.
What effects can the modification of the opening date have on my booking?
A change in the opening date implies that you can move your booking to other dates by contacting our booking office, or obtain a voucher of equal amount paid in case you cannot move the holiday dates and have to postpone the year. next one. On the other hand, if your arrival date is after the new opening date, nothing will change for you.
Can I change my booking for free?
Yes, before your arrival at the campsite you can always modify your booking by contacting the booking office.
You can change the number of people, within the maximum capacity of the accommodation / pitch, add or remove accessory services, change both the type of accommodation / pitch and the dates of your holiday, always based on availability. You will not be charged for any changes, however it is possible that changes in dates, housing units and additional services may cause a change in the total holiday price.
Up to 7 days before the check-in date, it is possible to move the deposit paid, and use it on another holiday, to be carried out in 2020 or even in the 2021 season, without any management cost.
Can I move my vacation to 2021?
Yes, if you wish to move your reservation in 2021, our booking office will transfer the arrival / departure dates, the type of accommodation / pitch and the deposit already paid for the 2020 reservation in a pre-reservation for the next season.
Up to 7 days before the check-in date, it is possible to move the deposit paid, and use it on another holiday, to be carried out in 2020 or even in the 2021 season, without any management cost.
If I move my vacation in 2021, can I keep the discount linked to the 2020 pre-booking offer?
Yes, in case of booking, for 2021, the same type of accommodation or pitch for the same period chosen for the current year, (based on the established arrival and departure dates), the booking conditions will be maintained.
In the case of reservations relating to different periods, the voucher remains valid for the entire amount.
What happens in case of no-show?
In case of no-show by the customer on the day of arrival, the reservation will be immediately canceled, and the amount of the deposit already paid will be retained and no further payments will be required from the customer.

What measures will be taken in terms of social security and distance?
We are developing a series of protocols that, in line with the health authorities and safety provisions, will allow you to fully enjoy your holiday in the village, enjoying all the services.
Your open air holidays: large spaces surrounded by nature, because space has never been a problem for us, sea, swimming pools, sports, entertainment. Everything as always? No! Much more

In particular:
The offices will be set up with lanes to access the check-in stations, with delimitation of interpersonal distances and delimited spaces where you can wait neatly for your turn, without creating gatherings. We will use plexiglass separators for the acceptance stations.
Only the group leader or the head of the family must present themselves at the acceptance. We kindly ask the rest of the crew to await the completion of the operations at their vehicle.
The check-in procedures will be aimed at avoiding gatherings and minimizing the time spent in the reception area, therefore it is advisable to send all information useful for registration, together with copies of the identity documents of all guests, using the form fast check-in within the estimate received.
Additional forms, certifying the state of health of the guests, will be made available in the same area and must be shown on arrival.

We will prepare a horizontal signage in the common areas so as not to create gatherings, moreover sanitizing products will be available to our guests

In common toilets, spacing must be guaranteed, therefore, in some of these, where it is not possible, the use of alternating sinks will be provided. The procedure approved by the milia Romagna region, involves cleaning steps at least 2 times a day. Our cleaning standard provides for a higher frequency that we will maintain.
Within the services, you will also find special sanitizing products to disinfect independently.

The playgrounds for children will be open and accessible. We will provide signs indicating the maximum number of people expected inside. The games will be sanitized at least 2 times a day, as per the protocol approved by the Emilia Romagna Region,

Are the accommodations sanitized and safe?
In accordance with the directives in force, we are applying new sanitation and sanitization measures that will implement the existing ones, which are already highly appreciated. You will also find dispensers with disinfectant in different areas of the structure. For every need you can always contact us, we are available 24/24.
Is it safe to go on vacation with children?
We have thought of every aspect of your holiday, so that you can enjoy relaxation in total safety ... alone or with children! Follow us on our social channels where we will publish all the information about it.

Is there an animation service?
Sure! Our Animation Team is ready to welcome you with a series of activities designed, rethought and organized in new and original ways, with the usual goal: to involve you, have fun, make you feel good and get excited!

Games, gymnastics will be organized in large open areas. Our well-equipped gym will be active, manned to check that the distance is maintained and to sanitize the tools at each individual use.
The poolside spaces will be used by the entertainers to conduct games and performances from their DJ-speaker station, while guests can comfortably assist lying on the sun loungers.

At the moment we have speculated on individual sports, or between families, with competitions and tournaments: tennis, archery, jogging, Nordic walking and cycling. Of course, the material and tools will be sanitized with disinfectant products at each use. Fitness and AquaGym classes will be organized on large open spaces or in swimming pools, with small groups of participants well spaced, and on several shifts throughout the day.

The Miniclub will be remodeled throughout the day, organizing and managing small groups of children, exclusively in the open air. Activities will be scheduled in which the children will participate, providing prior adhesion. The planned activities range from playful to artistic, to didactic ones.

Can we go to the beach?
The entrance to the beach must take place in an orderly manner, without gatherings and keeping the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter.
The distance between the umbrellas will be abundantly greater than the directives approved by the Emilia Romagna Region (12 square meters for each umbrella), while in the part of the beach which is not equipped, but reserved for our guests, we are asked to place umbrellas, deck chairs and towels in such a way as to keep the distance of at least 1.5 meters from the neighbors.
It is not mandatory to wear the mask on the beach and in the water, but you need to have it with you to reach the assigned position or to go to the bar, to the showers or in any case in places where it is difficult to maintain interpersonal distance.
Can we go to the pool?
The swimming pools are already required to guarantee and comply with hygienic-sanitary and safety requirements to protect users, through a well-documented self-control system which, by analyzing processes and critical points and monitoring them, ensures constant compliance with the conditions required by regional and state provisions relating to management, maintenance and control and allowing the implementation of the corrective actions envisaged quickly and effectively.

Access to the swimming pools must take place in an orderly manner, in order to prevent gatherings and respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

The pools can be used by guaranteeing a space of at least 7sqm per person per person, both in water and as regards the solarium. A slightly higher amount of chlorine will be used which eliminates any risk.
Will there be restaurant service?
Of course, the restaurant complies with safety regulations. In addition there will be the possibility of removal carried out by personnel equipped with personal protective equipment and delivered in sterile and disposable containers, with the security of disinfecting the POS at each contact.
It will also be possible to have meals directly at the accommodation: we have developed a convenient APP that will allow you to choose your preferred menu and time. You can wait for one of our staff, who will deliver your order in complete safety, comfortably accepted at the table. Payment can be made directly from the APP.

Will the distance between the tables be maintained in the restaurant?
Our Restaurants and Bars are normally already very clean and sanitized environments. However, we have provided some extra measures to totally protect your and our health.
The entrance to the restaurants must take place in an orderly manner, without gatherings and keeping the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter. You will find information signs and indications to safely reach the entrance and exit of the premises.

We will do everything, in compliance with the specific protocols of this activity, to ensure you are comfortably seated at the table with your family, in the peace of mind that our staff has thought of everything for your safety.
We have prepared sanitizing hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at the entrance, at the cash desk and in the toilets.

At our restaurants and bars we will ensure the positioning of the tables according to the personal spaces indicated in the protocol provided to us by the Emilia Romagna Region, preferring the arrangement of the same ones more outside, where it is more difficult for infections to occur. The wide spaces of our restaurants allow all this.

At the table you will find tablecloths that will be replaced with each use, we will use single-dose condiments and we will facilitate the consultation of electronic menus, eliminating the paper version. Payments can be managed digitally, directly at the table.
It will be necessary to eliminate the breakfast buffet

The staff will use personal protective equipment, frequently sanitize support surfaces and supervise, intervening if necessary.

In our Bars the containment and prevention measures will be the same as those for the restaurant. Table service will be privileged in the manner described above.

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