Reach the beach with our new electric train!
Your holiday ever more Green

Reach the beach with our new electric train!

At Tahiti Village you find a wide range of guest-friendly facilities, to spend a vacation at the beach with all the comforts you need… where children can enjoy every day a new experience, while grown-ups benefit from a relaxing holiday.
Thanks to the amazing natural environment of the Po Delta Parc, UNESCO World Heritage, where it is located, since ever Tahiti Camping & Thermae Bungalow Park pays a lot of attention to the ecosystem, the eco-friendly development and the responsible usage of natural resources. Our Camping has subscribed to “Legambiente Turismo” etiquette, which aims to develop and enhance the hospitality level respecting the territory and its features.
Our financial investments aim to reach specific environmental aims, asking our guests to be aware of the environment and its preservation.
An always ECO-FRIENDLIER holiday! We are aware of our territory and of our guests that respect it. After the implementation of an energy charge station for electric and hybrid cars, located at the entrance of our Village, next Summer we would like to preserve your amusement at the open-air, composed of a golden sandy beach and an unpolluted nature, enhancing your journey from the village to our Baia Tahiti thanks to a new electric Lilliputian-train.
We think that choosing the camping as form of vacation represents the wish of being in touch with nature in all its forms, parfums and colours… that’s the reason why we have decided to enhance every moment of your stay, making it unforgettable! Our historic and legendary train, a romantic memory of your days at the Tahiti Camping is not going to be retired, but it will be improved to let you enjoy even more the attention we pay to the territory you choose for your relaxing holiday.