Your safe Holiday

A sea of ... tranquility

We are happy to welcome you to Tahiti Camping Village.
We have never stopped working to prepare ourselves to welcome you in the safest and most comfortable way. Our Camping Village, thanks to its large size, spacious pitches, outdoor life and hygiene that has always been appreciated, because it is well-kept, will allow you to live your holiday in complete serenity, immersed in the freedom that contact with nature is able to offer.
Fortunately our territory, and in particular the Municipality of Comacchio and the province of Ferrara, have always recorded a low incidence of COVID-19, with a negligible number of infections compared to other areas of the region.
Our wide beach and our safe sea await you to guarantee relaxation and fun.
The well-being of the sun, of our large green spaces… live the long summer days marked by the activities you prefer: a hearty breakfast in the morning, play on the sand or read by the pool, enjoy the sunset and walk in the moonlight.
We had to cancel many group entertainment activities, but we will always be close to you and accompany you in your day with different ideas and initiatives. The supermarket, our bars and the restaurants are regularly open to offer you our quality services.
Our booking office is always at your disposal for information and clarifications relating to booking conditions and ways to ensure your holiday, even in the event of impossibility due to COVID-19.

Here are some simple indications to enjoy your holiday in complete safety.
Your vacation. Welcome to Tahiti Camping Village!

Camping Tahiti a super holiday with a few more tricks

Covid-19 Guidelines

Swimming pools

Swimming pools

All swimming pools can be used

The presentation of the GREEN PASS is not required for access to the outdoor pools.
Swimming in the pool is safe; the water has always been checked to ensure maximum hygiene. Admissions are regulated and the number of attendees is adequate to the guidelines provided. We have placed sanitizing gel dispensers at the entrance to the large solariums, where the beds are spaced and disinfected at each change as required by institutional guidelines. In the solarium, safety distances must be respected and the mask must be worn only during movements.
Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant and Bar

Large areas with outdoor tables

The display of the GREEN PASS, instituted by the decree-law of July 22, 2021, is not compulsory for consumption, both outdoors and indoors, in our bars and restaurants.

Our premises, equipped with a sanitizing gel dispenser at the entrances, are largely in the open air and offer ideal safety conditions.
The arrangement of the tables guarantees the distance required by the legislation.
The mask is mandatory only when moving around the room and to access the toilets. When seated at the table it can be removed.
The restaurant offers TAKE AWAY service, with relative signs for distancing, in the waiting areas.
Thermae Oasis

Thermae Oasis

Well-being in complete safety

The Law Decree, approved on July 22, 2021, provides for the mandatory display of the GREEN PASS to access the Thermal Centers.
At our spa center affiliated with the NHS, it is possible to carry out inhalation thermal treatments and mud treatments. Body and face beauty treatments are also allowed, as well as massages. All employees use adequate protections and guarantee the sanitation of the premises after each session.
At the moment, the Wellness Gardens cannot be used: sanitizing the water requires the use of chemicals, such as chlorine, which alter the natural properties of the thermal waters, making them ineffective for their natural purpose.
Common areas and playgrounds

Common areas and playgrounds

Plenty of space in nature

To access the gym, inside the village, it will be necessary to show the GREEN PASS, as required by the Law Decree approved on 22 July 2021. The games room will be closed starting from August 6th.

Playgrounds for children are open and accessible.
There are signs indicating the maximum number of people expected inside.
The games are sanitized at least twice a day.
In the common areas there are sanitizing gel dispensers and special signs indicating the correct behaviour to follow for each place, in order not to create crowds.

The mask must be worn compulsorily.


A safe entertainment

Our entertainment staff is trained on preventive measures to ensure safe leisure activities
The proposed activities mainly include individual sports such as fitness, tennis and archery.
Naturally, the material and tools are sanitized with disinfectant products for each use.
Group activities and collective contact sports are also provided.
The MiniClub, the Baby Dance, modulated with an adequate numerical ratio between entertainers and younger guests, and the evening shows are organized in such a way as to guarantee a safe distance.
Offices and Staff

Offices and Staff

Our staff is trained on prevention measures

The entrance to the offices, where you can find sanitizing gel, is designed to avoid gatherings, and maintain the required distance. The offices, whose rooms are periodically sanitized, are set up with aisles to access the check-in stations, with delimitation of interpersonal distances and delimited spaces where to wait in an orderly turn, without creating crowds. Plexiglass separators are used for the reception stations.
Only the head of the group or the head of the family will have to show up for acceptance. We kindly ask the rest of the crew to wait in their own vehicle for the operations to be completed.
The check-in procedures will be aimed at avoiding gatherings and minimizing the time spent in the reception area.
At the beach and by the sea

At the beach and by the sea

Swimming in the sea is allowed and safe

Our large private beach ensures the distances.
At our Baia Tahiti there are umbrellas and sunbeds spaced more than the procedures in force.
Sunbeds and deck chairs are cleaned at each change as required by institutional guidelines. In the "free" part of the private beach, you can install umbrellas and place sun beds, deck chairs and personal towels, maintaining safety distances. It is possible to practice individual sports, such as running, swimming, windsurfing, canoeing, SUP, or simply walking on the shoreline, wearing a mask, if it is not possible to maintain the adequate distance required by law.


The width of the pitches ensures a safe distance

Our particularly spacious pitches, with an area ranging from 70 to over 100 square meters, guarantee safety distances. Some of them are equipped with private toilets, cleaned, and sanitized by our staff at each change. The possibility of living the whole day outdoors and enjoying the sun's rays is an important factor in contrasting contagion.
Bungalow & Mobilhome

Bungalow & Mobilhome

Independent accommodation

Our accommodations are well spaced from each other, with their own access and no common area and are cleaned and sanitized following the institutional guidelines. Adequate ventilation of the rooms is recommended.
Common toilets

Common toilets

Safe at any time of the day

Very spacious and airy, they are constantly cleaned and sanitized by specialized personnel. At the entrance we have set up sanitizing gel dispensers. The horizontal signs positioned inside the toilet blocks ensure adequate safety distances.
The mask is mandatory only when traveling within the services.
Supermarket and Bazaar

Supermarket and Bazaar

Wide availability of products for hygiene and protection.

It is necessary to always keep a distance of at least one meter from other people.
At the entrance there are dispensers for hand hygiene.
The use of the mask is mandatory, as in all closed rooms.
Inside the Supermarket and Bazaar it is possible to buy products for the disinfection and sanitation of hands and surfaces.
Medical centre

Medical centre

A doctor always present

The Camping Village staff has established a protocol to ensure the safety of guests.
In case of symptoms (fever above 37.5 °, cough or other flu symptoms), you are requested to stay in your pitch or housing unit.
The situation must be reported by telephone at +39 0533379500.
There is a medical centre at Thermae Oasis, which can be used upon reservation