New services for improved comfort!
Modern ecological standards .. for you!

New services for improved comfort!

The 2019 summer holidays will also go down in history for the new hygiene services at Tahiti Camping. A decisive step forward in improving the quality and comfort standards offered to guests who choose us for their summer holidays.
The 2018 renovation of Laundry Block A, where a modern service space was created, equipped with coin-operated washing machines, dryers and dishwashers with a rapid washing cycle will follow the works on Service Block C.
This block will be completely rebuilt, creating a dedicated and personalised area for our young guests that matches their needs and stature, and for the youngest a nursery equipped with all comforts.
The structure will be built using the most modern ecological standards that we have adhered to for years, integrating solar panels in the roof and a rainwater recovery system to minimise the use of energy and drinking water. All with a view to greater efficiency and to make your holidays more pleasant...with an eye to the protection of the environment.