Bird watching in the Comacchio Lagoon

A land between land and water

The observation of birds in their natural environment is conquering a higher and higher number of enthusiasts that would like to discover a world unknown to the most.

The natural landscape, where the Camping Village Tahiti is located, gifts different colours and perfumes every season.
In the flat sky of our Po Valley, guests are enchanted by the fly of a wide range of birds, experiencing a breath-taking adventure.
We offer a numerous variety of excursions in this magic territory. Choose and book your experience.

Po Delta Park

In the Po Delta Park, the prevalence of water environments, in a wide plain yet not too urbanized, has encouraged a concentration of species which are often rarely sighted in other sites Italian or European.
The Delta territory is internationally recognized as a strategic point in the flow of migration of many species of birds in Europe and which site is ideal for playing many more. Each year it hosts more than 55,000 or 35,000 wintering birds nesting.
An amazing location for Birdwatching

An amazing location for Birdwatching

..more than 55,000 or 35,000 wintering birds nesting.

Among them it is possible to observe: the Eurasian oystercatcher, the Eurasian wigeon, the Eurasian spoonbill or the Little Tern, that with more than 200 couples create in the Po Delta the most important colony in Europe.

In the lagoon you can observe the common tern and the rare lesser crested tern, the sandwich tern, the black-headed gull and the yellow-headed gull. Different types of herons are present: one of the most spectacular species of the rich fauna of the territory. The purple heron,8sa the great white heron and the grey heron create big colonies in a lush nature surrounded by water and a salt lagoon.

Flora and a fauna to discover

Flora and a fauna to discover

A variety of species, with amazing shapes and colours, that makes every part of the track in the Po Delta Park a great discovery

The most famous species are the ducks. Gadwalls, Eurasian teals, garganeys, mallards, common pochards, northern shovellers are just some of the birds that populate our territory and that amaze nature lovers. In other areas you can observe coots, common moorhens, little crakes and water rails, whereas in deeper water black-winged stilts, northern lapwings, European golden plovers, common snipes, curlews, common redshanks and black-tailed godwits live.


The beauty of each season

Come and observe the colours of Spring and Autumn

Every season is ideal to go bird watching in the Po Delta, but the most fascinating time of the year for the quantity of birds it is possible to see and for the variety of colours of the landscape are spring and autumn.
The best times of the day to observe all these species are sunrise and sunset, when the fauna go hunting.

It is necessary to be well equipped: the field glasses are fundamental, together with sports clothes and even better mimetic.