Discovering our territory

... in the name of sport and movement

Tahiti Camping Village is able to offer its guests all the movement and relaxation they expect, with the added advantage of a 4-star seaside location.
Keeping active on vacation is no longer a problem, and with us you can try it with the advantage of being in complete contact with nature.
In addition to the classic swimming pool and playground, at Tahiti Camping Village, you can enjoy the experience of qualified personnel who will be happy to guide you through the fantastic sports program "Tahiti is ... moving".
Inexhaustible are the possibilities to practice activities both in spring and in summer, immersed in unique sceneries and landscapes with the support of qualified and equipped structures able to satisfy every need.
Every week our guests will have the opportunity to participate in exciting outings, protagonists in the evocative natural scenery of the Po Delta Park and the Comacchio Lagoon, accompanied by a qualified trainer.
You can experience nature and the sea in all its dimensions: bicycle, Nordic walking, or sailing. The thrill of the encounter of nature and the discovery of the territory surrounding our village on the Adriatic Riviera. You will return home relaxed and fit!

Bike experience

adventure and discovery

Our tourist village is located in the area of the Po Delta Park closest to the sea. There are numerous paths that wind through the territory to discover Comacchio and its lagoon and the vast pine forests that, almost uninterruptedly, run along the coast, from Lido di Spina to Lido di Volano.
The Tahiti Village organizes sporting excursions by mountain bike, to discover the landscapes and surrounding Comacchio and its lagoon.

Nordic Walking

beautiful landscapes ... by Nordic Walking

The pleasure of practicing an activity suitable for everyone: Nordic waliking at Tahiti Camping Village, discovering the varied territory that surrounds us. The alternation of grassy, technical and sandy soils makes the Lidi di Comacchio an ideal area for practicing Nordic Walking.
The excursions organized by the Tahiti village are coordinated by qualified instructors who will guide the participants to discover the Nordic walking in a unique natural context.
Staying in shape even during your holiday: at Tahiti Camping Village you can.

A Sailing day

emotions on a sailing boat

Tahiti Camping Village is the ideal place for lovers of active holidays who will be able to satisfy the desire for outdoor activities. Thanks to the collaboration with the Circolo Nautico Volano, we offer our guests to discover our territory… on a sailing boat.

Accompanied by dedicated and competent staff, we offer a sport excursion on a sailing boat, to approach a complete and instructive sport, suitable for everyone.